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J1 recommends that you install our own mobile app or if you want to have a choice of stations to listen to in a single app, download the TuneIn app. J1 provides a single app that gives access to J1 HITS, J1 XTRA, J1 GOLD and English language programming from REC Delmarva FM. Amazon Alexa Using TuneIn, you can listen to J1 through Alexa using the following phrases: HITS "Alexa, play the station J One Hits on TuneIn. TOKYO FM WORLD are an independent station for the online generation, connecting those who already have a strong connection with Tokyo, Japan. If you do not listen to all the remote, try to listen at different times as the radio station may stop at your own countrys time zone during midnight. There will be 4 items having a design such as the signature logo of the live event MURAKAMI JAM, or the "Monoiitagenaneko" illustrated by Masaru Fujimoto, known from the book "Murakamisan no Tokoro". Thank you for listening to J1! Not all radio station feature for 24 hours daily. We do note that some devices may not accept a secure SSL, HTTPS address. All three channels do stream the titles to Winamp or other players. The channel is available in all markets where Roku is available, including Latin America. If you use shared WiFi, please turn off any devices that you are not using before the stream starts. We cannot support other environments other than those recommended above. Purchase the MURAKAMI JAM goods from here Goods delivery is limited to Japan. If there are any network changes at J1, only the supported methods shown above would be updated with the revised information. This browser player displays the current song title in English and Japanese as well as the latest updates on Tokyo travel, weather and earthquakes. Thanks to all these members, a one and only show will be held. In the previous JAM, the official goods were out of stock within 5minutes from the opening. Click the "Listen Now" link at the top of the J1 website to launch the J1 JPlayer. Our Channels - The original J1 hit music channel for Japan's hottest hits. In this event, the music director Junko Oonishi will join, who has a close relationship with Haruki Murakami. Preferred Methods J1 JPlayer The best way to listen to J1 on your desktop. Note about other third-party mobile apps There are many mobile apps out there that are designed to tune in Japanese language stations and may include J1 along with other stations. If you will not use Wifi, Please make sure in advance that you have enough data to stream and that you will be within a service area for your provider. You will be able to watch from any point in the video archived video. Also, make sure there are no issues or damage to the smartphone, tablet, or computer and software that you are using. P Station Homepage Format City Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Pop Tokio Mix Tokyo Classical Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Classical Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio Mix Tokio. TOKYO FM WORLD is an international online radio station playing a fresh, uplifting and eclectic music format for a global audience. If you are an app developer and want to add J1 to your radio player app, please visit our. Regardless of whether it is for commercial use or for private use, it is forbidden to photograph and record any stream. In 1985, the station's headquarters moved from the Kokusai-Tsushin Center later KDD, now buildings in , where they had been since 1974, to the current location, in ward. If the radio is very choppy and stops every 5 seconds, try listening to this radio at different times. For the special guest, the pianist Yōsuke Yamashita will participate in the show. Also, musicians such as Lisa Ono, Kaori Muraji, Miu Sakamoto will join. If this happens, there is a possibility that the organizer will stop the stream and reset. J1 is not available in the United Kingdom through TuneIn. Radio station in Tokyo, Japan JOAU-FM , Broadcast area and Worldwide 80. If it is reprinted without permission, you could face legal action. Moreover, the DJ Haruki Murakami will have a rare live talk session. Since the stocks are limited this time as well, please don't miss it! If the radio does not start, please try another browser. The TOKYO FM Midtown Studio, a satellite studio, was closed down on January 15, 2017. J1 Mobile App Let's go keitai! The event organizers do not take any responsibility for live streaming failures caused by purchasers. No additional software required. There are now several ways for you to hear the J1 Networks and once you find us, you will love us! Available for Android or iPhone. While we do not object to those apps, J1 does not provide any assistance to these apps. This would cause the stream to be down for a short period of time. This station closed on April 25, 1970, replaced the next day by Tokyo FM, Japan's third commercial FM-radio broadcaster, after and. If you are using your data provider not Wifi , please avoid places with crowds, underground areas, and locations surrounded by concrete. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Before purchasing a ticket, please check the above-recommended environment to watch live streaming videos. In order to use this service smoothly, please purchase a ticket after confirming the above.。

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