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Set in a dream castle in the sky, players of all ages will enjoy endless hours of fun with fantasy flair. Journey through a whimsical world of jewels with this match 3 puzzle game. Create longer match combinations to earn extra points, unlock special jewels, and beat your highest score! I can choose the option to use the U. These are guide for Internet Explorer. This works temporarily, but the Japanese site always comes back. When this special gem is used to make a new match, it will destroy a full row and column, vertically and horizontally, from its current position. Swap it with any color to remove all jewels of the same color from the board. Match colorful gems to level up with classic gameplay challenges. This special gem cannot be swapped with any color and can only be removed by destroying it with another special jewel. Then close your browser , disconnect from internet and try again. As suggested by Microsoft support, I have reset internet explorer 8, but this does not help. I suggets to delete cookie and problem might be resolve. To earn the most points, fill up the color meters to complete each level and add score multipliers to your next board. MSN Japan is legal website and it not expect to be problem with Malware. Are you located in Japan or do you have any IP-Spoofing software that change location? Malware could not find any spyware, malware or adware on my computer. Drag, click, or tap a jewel to move it vertically or horizontally in the direction to complete a match. It started April 21, immediately after switching from ATT DSL service to ATT U-verse internet service. The game ends when you run out of moves. I have tried it on other browsers, no problem at all. Use it to make a new match and the Bomb Jewel will explode and destroy all the gems around it. Get rid of the Dark Jewels as quickly as possible to create space for more colorful matches. My Norton Antivirus could not detect any virus or trojan infecction. Hyper Jewel — Match 5 jewels in a straight row or column to create this special gem. Bomb Jewel — Match 4 Jewels in a row to create the Bomb Jewel. Watch Out for Obstacles: The Dark Jewel can be an obstacle in your game. The last two months I have not been ableto go to the MSN. If that case then it would happen by detect your IP. Unlock Special Jewels: Match 4 or more gems in a row to unlock special jewels, clear the board, and increase your score faster. This is happening to 3 of our 5 computers. Whenever I try through internet explorer IE8 it redirects my URL to a Japanese MSN website.。 29